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Smart lift systems ensure an excellent environment facility where waste is stored underground

A full, lift-based environmental facility for the Municipality of Varde. The system is constructed with Joca Waste underground containers as well as a lift-based underground system for the collection of smaller fractions. The waste must be sorted into different fractions, and collected in large nets and containers beneath the environmental facility until they are picked up. The lift was built with 5 entry columns, under which 660-liter containers, wire cages, etc. may be placed. 

When the containers are to be emptied, the lift is raised out of the ground. Next, containers/wire cages are pulled out for emptying. In order to minimize operating costs, the environmental facility is equipped with a photovoltaic plant providing a cost-neutral solution.



The facility is centrally located close to public life, so it must look good! The result is a completely buried solution that hides the waste product throughout the entire collection process. Waste is delivered into one of in the ten specially designed columns with a quality coating of stainless steel and then collected  in containers or lift bags located below ground in concrete wells. A cast underground concrete box accommodates a lift with room for wire cages and containers.

Containers may contain lamps, spray cans and batteries. Using the scissor lift has achieved a completely hidden lift mechanism and a very stable platform when containers/wire cages are being emptied. The environmental facility is designed so as to qualify for a design prize, and the materials and structure create significant value from  the waste.

Project data

Alslev recycling station
Varde Kommune

Capacity: 2000 kg

Number of scissors: 2 stk

Length: 6750 mm

Width: 1750 mm

Max. height: 2000 mm

Galvanized finish
Anti skid tabletop

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