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Car elevators - smart transport of cars between several levels

Freight elevators offer many benefits as transport for cars, for example at exhibitions where the building has multiple floors.

Transport of cars between several floors can be done by a car elevator that is built exactly like a freight elevator but designed to work optimally for movement of cars between floors in a car dealership.

Over the years we have delivered many car elevators dealerships in Denmark and elsewhere. Contact us for references from customers and descriptions of projects.


Do you need to move vehicles between floors of a building?

Get a no-obligation quote on a professional freight elevator specifically designed to meet your needs.

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Bilelevator Toyota bilhus

Car lift for TOYOTA Denmark

Cars are shown in different levels at Toyota Denmark. JEMA LIFT supplied the car lift.

Godelevator - Arla

Goods elevator ARLA

ARLA choose JEMA LIFT as supplier of goods elevator.

Rampebord til Loewener

Ramp table solution

Hot galvanized lifting table for Loewener.

Løftebord høj trippelsaks

Tripple scissor lifting table

Used as an elevator or as a working platform.

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