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Freight elevators for transport of goods between floors or elevations

Freight elevators are constructed on demand or as a turnkey contract. 

A JEMA LIFT freight elevator is manufactured using the scissor or truck design (depending on local conditions).  It is integrated in a shaft with doors or set up as a freestanding elevator with enclosure.

A freight elevator can be used for a variety of purposes, usually between 2 or more levels in many different environments:

  • Ramps - such as loading docks for trucks or the like.
  • Car elevators - for transport of cars between several levels
  • Freight elevators - mounted in a shaft or free-standing for transport of objects between multiple levels

JEMA LIFT freight elevators include:

  • Latches for levelling
  • Pipe break protection for all cylinders
  • Design approved elevator door locks
  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Security barrier for maintenance


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