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JEMA LIFT is a company where we focus on the present and future. We have a reputation for being at the forefront of development and have properly invested in the necessary equipment so that we have been able to match the market in quality and delivery at a time when things are moving fast.



JEMA LIFT's mission is to provide the most appropriate technical solution combined with full competitiveness within the selected segments and with the necessary value creation for customers. 

It is JEMA's mission at all times to have employees who experience the greatest employee satisfaction and who are inspired with a sense of belonging to JEMA through their personal and professional development.

JEMA LIFT – through history

JEMA LIFT A/S is a family owned corporation located in Sahl near Bjerringbro, Denmark.

With more than 40 years of experience, JEMA LIFT is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic lift tables in Europe. We sell directly to our many customers in Denmark and in Europe via distributors and partners in each country. The products have gained international recognition for quality, design, and ease of use. All products are tested and supplied with a test certificate before shipping.

The company is located beside JEMA AGRO A/S, which produces conveyor systems for cereals, seeds and other granulates. 

JEMA was founded by Jens Pedersen in 1943. It is owned and operated to this day by the Pedersen family.



JEMA LIFT shares the same site as JEMA AGRO, a manufacturer of conveyors for industry and farming. Read more:



"JEMA LIFT lives up to the promise of quality and security in delivery. In cooperation with JEMA LIFT, we developed a new elevator solution for our staircase.  it now ensures that the group of wheelchair users who visit us daily have easy and straightforward access and need no personal assistance."


"JEMA LIFT, in collaboration with the architect designing our new dealership, developed the smart car elevator that now carries exhibition cars from the ground floor up to the first and second floors every day. We have fully exploited our space and make a good impression on our many visitors."

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